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Hello! Does this rough itinerary sound okay? I’ve previously visited Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, koh Sami, koh Tao) so I’m not too bothered about going back to those places. Am I being to unrealistic with the amount of places on my list? Has anyone been to the below places and has any recommendations or must see / do whilst I’m there. Any advice would be amazing!

Bangkok 4 nights

Krabi 3 nights

Koh lanta 7 nights

Koh Chang 7 nights

Siem reap Cambodia 7 nights

Ha long bay Vietnam 7 nights

Manila Philippines 5 nights

Borocay phillipines 7 nights

Bali ubud... (More)

looking for a long weekend this memorial day (Friday-Tuesday), leaving from NJ...flying solo...any suggestions?

If you like beer, you're going to love Portland! The beer (and seafood of course) scene is great there. And it's gorgeous in the summer--have fun! 

Go to Standard Bakery early on a Saturday morning to get the best goods and coffee. Stop by fish market (red door) and pick up freshly caught seafood to cook up for dinner. Take the ferry to Peaks Island and rent bicycles. Grab a blanket and head to the Eastern Prom for a picnic and day dreaming. I used to live in Portland