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National Parks
National Parks
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Can you guess the place? It's a national park... (More)
Critique My Itinerary
National ParksAlaska

Alaska in 5 Days

Seeking feedback on my itinerary to Alaska. This is meant to be a quick trip and we are flying in to ANC and out of FAI. I'm especially looking for feedback in Denali National Park. I have a ticket to ride the bus to Eielson Visitor Center and am now worried that is too much time on a bus.

Day 1

  • Drive to Whittier by 10am
  • Glacier Tour out of Whittier
  • On return stop at
    • Potter Marsh
    • Beluga Point Site
    • Virgin Creek Waterfalls
    • Portage Lake

Sleep: Anchorage

Day 2

  • Anchorage Explore
    • Want to do hiking in the area
  • Drive to... (More)
Family crossing...

We were lucky enough to watch them closely, when they crossed the road in front of our car. Baby bison was too shy and well protected by the adults of his group.