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I’d like to hike the Grand Canyon for my 50th bday. Anyone have experience or recommendations on companies? Love to hear any advice.

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We used Wildland Trekking for the Grand Canyon and supai falls and it was awesome! Do not go in the summer. We did May and it was perfect! also I love my Teva hiking sandals. I did bring my boots but I hate those boots (bring both). If you have any questions about gear let me know.


My experience backpacking the Grand Canyon is: if the trail is rated difficult, it is, very. I'm a very experienced hiker and backpacker, used to hiking in the southwest. I found my trip, Thunder Falls - Deer Creek Loop from the North Rim, had an uncomfortable amount of exposure on trails (for me), rough trails, very rough and the heat overwhelming (late May). Stunning beauty with grottos, bucolic side streams and glorious vistas. GO FOR IT. But, choose a trail commensurate to your abilities. I was in a bit over my head in several places.

erikaaltman Community Ninja

I've done it, North Rim to South. Overnight in Phantom Ranch.

You really don't need a guide or to pay a substantial amount (unless that's what you prefer).

There are many hikers on the R2R trail, and the camps at Phantom at the bottom are popular and full. So you won't be "alone", except for portions of the northern section.

If you're using a guide service for gear, check out gear rental like REI and buy some cheap/used things you're more likely to keep.

Bring your biggest water bladder and GOOD reliable hiking boots that are broken in. Have a blast, definitely an amazing trip!

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