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Solo Travel

Solo Travel

Solo road trip suggestions!

I’m thinking about a solo road trip to some states near me (I’m in Northern VA) and wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions on what city/places I have to visit on each of those states:

• Maine

• Vermont

• Connecticut

• New Hampshire

• Georgia

Any suggestion/tips would be highly appreciated

Zurich suggestions please!!!!

Yay, I just booked my flight and I'm headed solo to Zurich, Switzerland. recommendations on what to see, where to stay. Then headed to Lake Constance for a few days of biking and adventure.

any and all tips/recommendations welcomed

Solo Travel

Do you plan?

Do you guys usually plan every step of your trips or go with the flow??

I confess I love to be surprised by things like when I was in Rome and I had no idea of where things were and just started walking around and then I make a turn and BAM, there was the Colosseum!!! It was such a nice surprise!! Of course I knew I was gonna find the Colosseum in Rome but I wasn’t expecting it right there and then! It was such a magic moment

But in the other hand, I’ve missed a few nice experiences... (More)

Greece recommendations

Hello wonderful people,

I’m looking for some recommendations on where to stay in Crete, Santorini, Ios, Milos, Paros, Naxos and Mykonos.

Also any must do’s at these places.